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Laiyifen Case Study

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Laiyifen Retail Co., Ltd
Project Cycle
18 Months (Phase 1 and Phase II)
Project involves products
  • Dash board: SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard
  • Mobile management Pilot Cabin: DataCVG® Smart Mobile BI
  • Service end Management Solution: DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform
  • Data Warehouse Solution: SAP Business Information Warehouse
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Laiyifen was established in 1999, the company is specialized in snacks and food retail, products including roasted seeds, pickled fruits, meat-based snacks etc in 8 categories, totaling more than 700 SKUs. In 2013 Laiyifen’s sales exceeded 3 billion RMB, with around 10,000 employees. Currently it retails through over 2500 shops covering 9 regions including Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province etc, was accredited “Famous Shanghai Brands”, “Renowned Shanghai product” “2010 Shanghai Word Expo nominated retailer” etc and many other awards
“Laiyifen”is the brand owned by Shanghai Laiyifen share holding co., ltd, since its launch in 1999, the company has endeavored to promote leisure culture, with its strategic vision of “rooted in Shanghai, operating in whole China and look beyond the world”, it expand’s its market share with “directly operated stand alone shop chain”model, to enable its distribution network swiftly expand into Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hubei and other regions.

Business Requirements

1. To carry out analysis of inventory, sales, retail point of sale and financial data, to create key parameter alert
2. To carry out multi-dimensional performance analysis based on time, region and person
3. Phase II to add analysis of membership data
4. Mobile end to go operational, to allow relevant people to check concerned data, to spot problems in time and deal with problems with timely manner


Highlights of our solution
Construct data warehouse, organize and integrate manual data input, Seibel system data, Hybris system data, financial system data etc, to be managed on a single application platform; And develop sales theme, financial theme, stock management theme and membership them on the basis of data collection.


Project achievement
- Provide powerful data support for enterprises’ sales direction and promotional methods using sales data analysis and alerting mechanism
- Effectively reduce enterprises’ cost and improve profit margin through stock data analysis and retail point of sale data analysis
- Provide support for sales promotional events through membership analysis
- The launch of mobile app, enables employees on every level to check performance update of their responsible region at any time and can deal with problems timely