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MetersBonwe Case Study

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MetersBonwe fashion ltd
Project Cycle
7 Months
Project involves products
  • Data warehouse platform: Oracle 12c
  • Dash board: SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
  • Mobile management Pilot Cabin solution: DataCVG® Smart Mobile BI
  • Service end management solution: DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform
  • Balance software: Nginx

“Meters Bonwe” is a domestic original casual fashion designer brand established in 1995 by Shanghai Meter Bonwe Fashion Co ltd. Targeting at young fashion conscious consumers of 16-25 years old. The brand aims at creating a “young and dynamic leading fashion brand, with cutting edge fashion concept and affordable mass market price”, with its unique branding, the brand has grown into a popular mass market brand with leading edge young fashion and individuality oriented fashion concept. The brand was listed on the Shenzhen Securities market in August 2008, Stock code “002269”.


Business Requirements

The objective of Meters Bonwe BI project is:
 - Management team and retail staff can access real time sales performance data on their mobile
- Integrated indicator data analysis on the retail end
 Main promoted merchandise analysis
 Merchandise benchmarking analysis
 Historical benchmarking management for single product
 Flexibility of retail end real time enquiry of inventory allocation, capability of applying for stock re-allocation among retail shops
 Related responsible management team in head quarter can flexibly monitor updated sales performances of every subsidiary and every retail point of sale with details down to every single SKU

Highlights of Solutions

To construct mobile BI platform using DataCVG's Cluster Architecture based Smart Decision Platform as service end, with DataCVG's smart Mobile BI as client end. To construct an integrated data market layer to support mobile BI reporting application using Oracle 12C as data warehouse, we have employed SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards as reporting development tool, to publish generated reports onto DataCVG's Smart Decision Platform, to fulfill entire user, organizational and accessibility management. So far the system can support more than 5000 system users and can support even more users with following on fine tuning. Https agreement has been used for communications, domestic buffering and transmission encrypting, also bundled user accounts with hardware device, greatly ensured the security requirements of the client company are met.

System Structure


Project Achievement

- Saved a lot of complicated PC operations for retail shop managers, critical indicators can be checked on their mobile, greatly improved efficiency.

- Headquarter staff can monitor real time sales performance data for certain product line, category and single SKU on every user end device, retail shops can take measure to interfere sales performances and adjust their promotional strategies.
- Shop managers can check at any time any single SKU’s stock updates in any warehouse in the whole country, in any subsidiary or any shop, this allows them to apply for replenishment of stocks and adjusting of stocks between their shops and other shops, and solved retail shops selling out of stocks don’t have any idea where to request stocks.
- The system enables the product managers with clear vision of sales performance of product lines, categories and single SKU’s performance, hence can make timely judgment which product line needs to increase production capacity, which product line needs to discontinue, therefore greatly increased the productivity efficiency and profit .