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Sinopharm Group Case Study

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Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd.
Project Cycle
12 months
Project involves products
  • Information display platform: DataCVG@ Smart Decision Platform
  • Enquiry analysis tool: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi)
  • Information visualization tool: SAP BusinesObjects Xcelsius (CX)
  • Business Intelligence Platform: SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE)
  • ETL Tool:SAP Data Sevice(DS)

Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd was established in January 2003, listed on the Hongkong Stock market on 23rd September 2009. The company owns and operates China’s largest pharmaceutical products distribution network and is the leading pharmaceutical supply chain service provider, the largest pharmaceutical products and healthcare products distributor. Since 2005, Sinopharm Group Co., ltd has been number one in China’s pharmaceutical sales and net profit ranking.


Business Requirements 

- Data source too scattered, too many business systems, the dilemma lied in how to standardize the key business indicators as many business indicators across various company branches and business systems had different definitions
- How to create a standardized KPI analytical platform
- How to set up the data management authority control

Highlights of the DataCVG Solution

- Integrating the scattered data source: Data came from: CMS system (Sinopharm group’s sales distribution system, so far had 52 systems, providing business data from 206 subsidiaries); BMS system is the business management system for Sinopharm Group; EBS is the Oracle ERP system, Jiu Qi Software is the financial reporting integration system; plus other plug-ins and manual reporting systems
- Data processing level: Transform ODS level data into dimensional reporting and fact-based reporting based on certain dimensions and business process



- Data storage: Extracting required data from every data source into ODS. Extracting required data from every data source to ODS. To synchronize data from CMS to ODS, we have used Goldengate to synchronize data into ODS system by synchronizing Oracle database event calendars, meanwhile we added time stamp for event occurrence and data extraction, in order to take into account following on extra data processing; for data extraction from non-CMS system to ODS we used SAP Data Services, to load data into ODS system through regular work-flow extraction tasks.
- Application reading: Design for display front end analysis, including not only integrated dimensional model construction reporting, but also front end display general report. Data on this level comes from data ware house level, after derived calculation of indicators, such as calculating last period or same period accumulated figures, KPI performance indicators, to combine multi-dimensional data to generate final integrated data. Application level is the critical part to display functional design.

System Structure




Project Achievement

This project has achieved to construct a system that can grab every subsidiary’s data with high efficiency, analyze each KPI indicator efficiently to greatly improve management decision making precision!