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SuNing Electronic Case Study

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SuNing Electronic
Project Cycle
Project involves products
  • Real time reporting (POS) and Business Performance Management
  • System Environment:: • IBM AIX • NT grou • DB2 • Oracle • Sybase • SAP R/3 • SAP BW • SAP BO

SuNing Electronics is the leader in China’s 3C (White goods, Computers and Communication equipment) retail industry. Up until end of 2011, SuNing has opened 1700 retail shops covering over 300 cities in China. In 2011 its sales reached 180 billion RMB, with 170,000 employees. It’s ranked within top 3 among the top 100 retail chain groups listed by China’s Commercial Industry bureau. In March 2011, SuNing first launched “Honest and transparent retail price display” which was the first to break the industry’s hidden rules in pricing.
SuNing was ranked Number 3 within top 500 Chinese Private sector enterprises in November 2011. It was listed in Shenzhen Stock market in 2004, Stock code 002024, became the first Household electronics retailer listed in China’s stock market. Its market value is ranked among the top retailers within global electronics retail industry.


Highlights of the Solution

Performance Management is a methodology of organizing and managing members with systemized and digitalized tools, using relevant incentives to release the potential productivity of staff in order to achieve the best performance and result. In another word, performance management is the critical link between a company’s strategy and execution results. It’s a vital tool to guide a company's operational direction to create outstanding execution capabilities.

DataCVG® Performance Management Solution is a Software application system developed based on performance management’s basic concept. The system integrated Strategy management and PDCA performance action cycle management concepts, created systematic interlinks between enterprise strategic management decision making and operational management. The solution employs structural system modules such as performance pilot cabin, balanced score card (BSC), Topic analysis etc to give 360 degree perspective for the whole company’s performance with data, to locate management bottleneck, meet the need of management decision making and hence guide the operational management. Meanwhile it displays data and information with straightforward visualized format with graphics, dash board and radar graphic on the front end applications, providing ergonomic working interface that suits each manager’s personal working style.


System Structure

suning1 (1)

BPM Technological Structure 

suning2 (1)

Project Achievements

- Provided management dash board and real time reporting generation for the group top management, provided effective support for group leaders to make analytical decisions.
- Implemented performance mapping, balanced score card, indicator analysis, topical analysis and other themed analysis, designed and developed relevant dash boards and analytical reporting, to provide flexible analytical tools for client.
- Established secured reporting platform, fulfilled timely, secured, personalized data visiting. Constructed an integrated report storage and publishing management platform, to realize precise, swift, flexible publishing of internal users reports within the client company.