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Geely BW/4HANA Upgrade Project

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Geely Automotive
Project Cycle
5 months
Project involves products
  • BW/4HANA database
  • Hardware with HANA Scaleout
  • SAP SLT real time data extraction technology
Geely Automotive is the pride of China’s domestic automotive industry, is listed in the Fortune 500 enterprises. The company current has annual turnover of 200 billion RMB, aiming to reach 2 million vehicles in 2020. Every product line is striving to perfect their own capabilities and the company has already started to form a future facing R&D, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing, financial and decision making management system based on information management. 

However the vast amount of data generated by every system and their applications become more and more complicated, the giant data capacity along with real time data reporting system now greatly challenge the traditional BI. In order to adapt to the new challenge, it becomes especially important to rebuild BI system structure.


• It’s the first project in China to have successfully upgrade from BW 7.0 on Oracle to BW/4HANA, during the project the client has gained significant amount of knowledge and experience, as well as give many valuable feedback to SAP
• After the upgrading, the data capacity was contracted with 7:1 rate, from 1.8 TB to 250 GB, largely reduced future hardware cost and maintenance cost
• DataCVG@ ensured non-disturbance transition, has zero switching impact on the operational system
• The hardware system has applied HANA Scaleout structure, with high applicability and extendibility for future requirement
• Reporting efficiency has been improved 3-10 times, especially the reports that have the highest usage frequency which traditionally took 3 minutes to update, now has been shortened to 5 seconds, the system ensures all reports are opened within 8 seconds
• Applied SAP SLT real time data extraction technology, for certain reports realized real time data reporting, business team can access the latest updated business data, which took more than one day to access in the old system
• BW process chain has been shortened from 7 hours to within 30 minutes, future process chain has shorter repairing time, give more error allowance

The Geely BW/4HANA upgrading project is another mile stone triumph since DataCVG@’s non-stop switch of BW on HANA upgrading project for Laiyifen snack retail chain, and is the first successful case in China. The success of this project again proved DataCVG@’s leading position in this domain in the whole China