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Shanghai Wanke Group Case Study

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Shanghai Wanke Group
Project Cycle
6 months
Project involves products
  • DataCVG® SEMF
  • Big Screen technology

Business requirement
  - Data coverage was patchy, lacked of data consistency across every data extraction point
  - Data display was scattered over various business platforms, needed to log on separately with independent authentication process, was too complicated to use and user experience was poor
  - Need to put in place Digital Boardroom system with large screen display of centralized data analysis results dash board

Project Achievement
  - Established Shanghai Wanke enterprise data ware house, aligned, integrated and standardized all business division’s system data
  - Increased data loading speed
  - The system can support system extension and scaling up with gradual upscaling and module scale out
  - Centralized application platform, integrated all BI applications with single point authentication centre, simplified user operation, improved user experience
  - Flexible and independent reporting system design, designed with built-in data models to allow business team to use Tableau tools to create analytics graphics and reports with drag and draw action to explore data results without any need of IT team support
  - Multi-application scenario display model, allowing switching to different devices and applications with IPAD, such as Data analytics model, Exhibition monitoring model, Conference model, Interactive model for Big Screen with mobile devices
  - Enabled big screen function with real time data monitoring which can display by region or project