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Mizuho Bank

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Mizuho Bank
Project Cycle
6 months
Project involves products
  • Analytical enquiry tool: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • Information Visualization tool: SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius (CX)
  • Information display platform: DataCVG® Smart decision platform
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2011

December 1999, Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji bank, Industrial bank of Japan have been merged and restructured with agreement of reorganization, to form Mizuho Holding which was officially established in September 2000. These two events were the milestones in the Mizuho bank development history
In April 2002, through separation, reorganization, the three banks were restructured into Mizuho bank and Mizuho Industrial bank, Mizuho Securities, Mizuho Trust and Banking become direct subsidiaries of Mizuho holding. Mizuho Industrial bank is one of the core companies of Mizuho Financial group, established on 1st April 2002, in light of providing customers with swift and satisfactory services using its highly advanced financial technologies, to mainly serve large corporate clients, holding groups, financial companies, public organizations as well as overseas Japanese companies and foreign companies.



Highlight of DATACVG Solutions

On the data processing level, the project team created various theme oriented models driven by the business requirement and based on the different activities of the business. Guided by the methodology of dimension-based model building, combined with practical requirements and taken into account the flexibility, extendibility and functionality of models, to render consistent and highly efficient data display for the front end users
The reporting system has applied the most recognized SAP Businessobjects product in the IT industry, able to fulfill various display forms such as fixed template reporting, operational analytical reporting and piloting system. Front end display was fulfilled with DataCVG’s Smart Decision Platform product. DataCVG's Smart Decision Platform tool can handily integrate with other display tools, especially with SAP Businessobjects products, including dash board, self serviced enquiry analytics with web intelligence reporting. Furthermore, the portal tool can adapt to highly sophisticated privacy setting through its well developed responsibility control system, to allow certain information only accessible by relevant responsible person. Smart Decision Platform uses module based structure which gives it advanced extendibility, meanwhile can support further development on the product, to meet the customization requirement for various projects

Business Requirement

Mizuho Industrial bank project, has successfully implemented standardization and digitalization of key management indicators based on model constructions with current Mizuho industrial bank’s business data input, to generate web intelligent reports that can be accessed by interactive self enquiring activities. DataCVG’s system has created an intelligent system to analyse business data from multiple dimensions, through its visible reporting and graphic system, the bank’s real time operation and business status quo can be easily visualized and reflected, to allow users to have in-depth understanding of business operations status hence make efficient informed decisions.
- Implement multiple-activities system, multiple data input integration
- High quality data management
- Filter operational data and construct database
- Implement Universe development and Webi reporting system


Project achievement

This project has created integrated corporate level business activities database based on Mizuho industrial bank (China)’s current business operational system database, to enable data reading and report generating with Webi reporting system through Businessobjects back end system, in the aim to provide the below services:
- Support enquiries of technology, functionality and system structure
- Provide services for project implementation and system integration using highly efficient methodology and technology enabled with ETL and reporting management tools
- Provide data warehouse concept and training of tools applied