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About Us




DataCVG® is China's leading BI product and system provider. The company is one of very few Chinese BI companies that has been included in Gartner's annual industry report for APAC region since 2014. DataCVG® has been specialised in BI product development and system implementation since its inception in 2008 and has since developed its own product - a BI application platform integrated with leading edge management concepts such as PDCA and Regression based forecasting simulation called SEMF (Smart Enterprise Management Framework)

Since 2018, the company has been selected by the global leading BI brand Washington based MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) to be its exclusive master dealer for China market.

DataCVG® has served hundreds of China's leading flagship companies across Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Government sectors and has won many covetable domestic and global awards in IT industry.

Through its in-depth industry knowhow, sharp BI expertise and high profile customer references, DataCVG® has  successfully established itself as the leader in China's BI and Data Analytics landscape and continue to serve customers to maximize their data’s value in order to lead them towards full digitalization.


Products & Solutions  

Our Key Products include DataCVG® Smart Enterprise Management Framework(SEMF), DataCVG® Smart Mobile BI, DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform (SEMF Lite), Smart Enterprise Data Collection Platform.
SEMF is an integrated open platform of BI and Data Analysis Application designed for government and enterprises to build digitalised management systems. SEMF motivates user organizations to explore data power with its universal friendliness, increases data efficiency with easiness, and secures data confidentiality with sophisticated authorization settings. SEMF has built-in modules to make organizations work intelligently, including management dashboard, KPI panel, PDCA Action plan,Regression based dynamic causality analysis for strategic planning  etc, these modules have taken into account the latest development of management strategies and behavioral technology, to enable users use data smoothly, locate problems easily, and resolve problems timely. SEMF provides many optional modules to support government and enterprises with innovation, to enable digitalization, and to help clients fulfil “Systemize Decision making process, Standardize Management system, Construct data platform for organizations”.
DataCVG? Smart Mobile BI is a Business Intelligence product based on mobile devices, through data displayed on Smart Mobile BI one can monitor real time enterprises’ operational status, enabling on-the-spot analytics and decision making. Smart Mobile BI allows business management receive important alert in time, share with other team members to respond with swift actions. This product truly enables mobile decision making and high efficiency management in this mobile era.

 Industry & Scope 

DataCVG® is headquartered in Shanghai, with representative offices and branches spreading in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao etc, serving manufacturing, financial industries, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, diversified conglomerates, automotive, logistics industry and government with in-depth know-how and BI expertize. 
In the past several years, DataCVG® has served many Fortune 500 and prestigious conglomerates, many of them are industry leaders, such as Haier group, Kili Automotive, Wan Da hotel, Laiyifen retail, Pudong Development bank, Hai Nan Airline, SMIC, Yu Chai Machinery, Zhejiang Grocery, Coca Cola, Unionpay etc, hence successfully established itself as leader in big data, BI and Data Analytics domain in China, also formed many industry standards based on SEMF Lite, SEMF and Intelligence Solution.


  Honors & Awards  


In 2013, DataCVG® has first been included in the industry report of Asia Pacific BI and Data Analytics by the worlds IT research Authority Gartner, and since 2015 DataCVG® has been annually included in its industry reports. The company has also been awarded many times awards by Chinas IT research Authority organisation CCID, and received Pinnacle Award honoured by the worlds leading application software company SAP. Meanwhile, the company has been accredited qualification as Shanghai citys software enterprise, High Technology enterprise, been awarded as Shanghais young tycoon nurturing enterprise, been awarded as outstanding status in 2017. In 2018, The company has been consecutively awarded Star Innovation Award by Shanghai Government, Intelligent City Innovation Achievement Award by ZheJiang Province, Top 100 Innovation Leaders in China. 



  Enterprise Culture


[ Mission ]  Converge data to make change happen, to release the energy embedded in data, lies at the heart of Shanghai DataCVG®; turning data into information, turning information into knowledge, allowing knowledge to produce value, its our mission. 


[ Concept ]  Our core values are Openness, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, and insatiable pursue of excellence.


[  Vision  ]  We believe in “Professionalism comes from specialization”, in order to “make management process visible, to make decision making more intelligent”, Shanghai DataCVG® strives to serve clients to achieve refined management, more efficient operation, more intelligent decision making through its professional service, eventually achieve the goal which is: “Through thoroughly knowing ourselves and clients, we will conquer anything”.