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Yu Chai Machinery Group(Phase I)

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Yu Chai Machinery Group
Project Cycle
5 months
Project involves products
  • Data warehouse platform: SAP HANA
  • Enquiry analytical tool: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • Information Visualisation tool: SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius (CX)
  • ETL Tool: SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • Information Display Platform: DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform
  • Mobile Management Pilot Cabin: DataCVG@ Smart Mobile BI

GuangXi YuChai Machinery Group (shortened below as “YuChai Group”) was established in 1951, is the second largest independent Diesel engine manufacturer in the world, the first Chinese corporate that is listed in oversea’s stock market. Currently the company owns more than 30 wholly owned, share holding, or partially share holding subsidiaries, with over 23,000 total employees, total assets amounting to 36.5 billion RMB. Is the Internal Combustion Engine Production base with the most comprehensive product line in China, and the digger manufacturer with the most comprehensive product line in China, is known as “China’s capital of Green Power”, YuChai group is ranked Number 226 among Chinese top 500 enterprises, number 115 among Chinese top 500 manufacturing companies, number 106 among top 500 Chinese most valuable brands, number 18 among China’s top 500 Machinery enterprises. In 2012, Yuchai group’s total annual turnover reached 41.6 Billion RMB.

Business Requirements

The objectives of YuChai Group's BI project:
- Easy to use reporting centre
-High level management pilot cabin
-Online Business Analytics Platform
-Group business real time monitoring
-Sales/Production/Financial indicator alerting
-Finely segmented market real time monitoring


Highlights of the Solutions

There are two key parts in SAP BusinessObjects BI, One is BO, which is the data analysis front end display interface, the other part is BW and HANA, is the data warehouse and high performance analytical equipments, which can convert, integrate, enquire and analyze data.  Yuchai system was designed to provide analytical tools for the company’s top management, excellent display effects will help user acceptance and user experience. Meanwhile, based on the high performance data computing platform SAP HANA, users can enquire and analyze vast amount of real time business data, without any need to integrate and build models for the data. Hence the project enabled real time data enquiry and analysis function, which is the highlight of the Yuchai group’s BI project, it helped to give insight of all kinds of indicators reflected by the data and the operational status of business, to meet the need of accessing real time data for the top management.

Project Achievements

After two months research, 2 months development and one month trial operation, Yuchai group’s BI first phase project covered HR, Sales, Financial and Budgeting business analysis modules. Through the implementation of SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP HANA products and solutions, realized themed analysis for every managerial indicator, established management pilot cabin and reporting system with advanced dashboard, enabled real time data display, therefore supporting top management to access the latest updates of the company’s operation, quickly understand every business performance indicators, further in-depth business analysis, and improved management agility. The project truly enabled the power of converting vast amount of data into operational efficiency, greatly improved overall management level of Yuchai group, helped the company to quickly move forward healthily. At the moment we are implementing the phase III of BI project for Yuchai group, we are confident that we can provide even more powerful data analysis support.

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