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Helping organisations to build data-driven business system and culture, optimize top-line potential and management efficiency by exploring DataCVG’s in-house developed intelligent management platform DIMP?and data governance platform DGP, allowing corporations to benefit from its market-leading, ingenious KPI driven system to deliver high impact business insights, decision making accuracy and executional precision.

Since its incorporation in Shanghai in 2008, DataCVG@ has been dedicating itself in helping corporations and organisations to sail through their digitalisation journey by constructing robust data system from bottom up, all the way to deploying intelligent, ergonomical management data platform. Its in-depth business knowhow and sound technological expertise in data arena, coupled with efficient, professional project approach, has helped DataCVG to gain its entry as the only data system service provider from China in Gartner’s APAC BI & Data Analytics Market Guide since 2013, along with international service tycoons such as IBM, Deloitte, Accenture and SAP alike, also to win trust from International and China’s top conglomerates to use its service and product such as Haier, SPD bank, Coca Cola, Danone, Michelin, Mizuho bank (Mitsubishi group), Adidas, Estee Lauder, Yi Feng Pharmacy, Lai Yi Fen, Staples, VolksWagan, GM, Geely Automotive, Dong Feng etc.
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Our Solutions

To provide the most professional big data Business Intelligence Solutions

Project Implementation Process

Fast deployment of industry model, supported by customized UI design

  • Blueprint design & Original Prototype development

    Consulting, performance indicator arrangement, business process optimization, data integration and cleaning, concept model design, differential model analysis

  • System development and deployment

    Physical model design, Algorithm modeling, reporting system design, UI customization, Reporting development

  • System running testing

    User manual, model design documentation, System management documentation rendering

  • System operational starting and support

    Acceptance report, operational documentation rendering

  • Senior engineers that possess professional qualifications and accreditation

  • Experienced consultant and Pre-Sales Consultant

We continuously attract and nurture excellent talent in BI/Big data domain, we possess top level professional technological team and consultant with in-depth industry experience and knowledge. We position ourselves with core values lie in Passion, Integrity, Professionalism and Innovation, to insatiably pursue excellence in what we do


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