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Smart Enterprise Data Collection Platform

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DataCVG®’s Smart Enterprise Data Collection Platform is a Web based repot collection analytical platform, is a report data collection statistical analysis tool, can process any complicated report format with excellent universal flexibility and operability, and can process many different reports within one single software. With Smart Enterprise Data Collection platform, users can easily collect reporting data without need of using reporting software and using reporting parameters, greatly relieved management pressure and technical service intensity of higher management. Especially the platform has fully taken into account that users need to constantly adjust reporting format, it can support change requirement of reporting format in different time period and among various levels of management. The system has self-defined reporting function, as requirement develops, users can easily add in reports and parameters, such as quarterly report, report with other measures etc. The system contains automatic task upgrading function, when report format changes, the original data can be automatically upgraded into new reporting structure. The system also contains script programming function, users can enhance flexibility of application programs according to their special requirement, to maximize the satisfaction of user requirement.



- Universal Data Collection Platform
DataCVG® Smart Enterprise Data Collection Platform has adopted “General Mode”: to allow users to define and design reporting format, computation auditing and other functionalities, also allow users to modify existing parameter systems, to truly satisfy the ever changing business requirement of users. The system has integrated reporting format definition, reporting database automatic management, data reporting, data collection and report printing altogether in one system, providing the comprehensive solutions for report data collection and data management

- Advanced Technical Architecture
Smart Data collection platoform has adopted the leading edge J2EE architecture, therefore supporting Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere and other application server operational platforms. Reporting data are stored in the large scale Data system (supporting MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 etc), fully ensured reporting server has excellent reliability, stability and flexibility.

- Maturely developed product
Smart Enterprise Data collection platform is a mature system developed with many projects’ system development and implementation, hence achieved great improvement of the applicability, we also have obtained rich project implementation experience and understand more precisely users’ requirement

- Automatic data warehouse management
With Smart Enterprise Data Collection Platform, all the Metadata management is completed by the system, end users don’t need to be concerned about the storage structure of data within the database, hence truly enabled database zero management

- Easy and user friendly reporting design
Reporting design is based on online web format, with similar design of MS Officer user interface, adopted the design concept of what’s seen is what’s used, to allow users to be able to master quickly. The platform allows direct plug in of Excel reporting format, also allows copying and pasting of Excel and Word content to reporting template

- Flexible Data Collection capability
Smart Enterprise Data Collection system is set with single point deployment, every data reporting and management division can complete reporting and management tasks through visiting server based browser; When data is uploaded with reporting, they will be directly stored in the large database.
- Supporting Online, off line and many other reporting method
Smart Enterprise Data Collection System supports IE browser, Report Gini (offline reporting tool) and many other client end, support pure WEB based online reporting and many other reporting methods including off line reporting, also support FTP, e-mail and other reporting, thus providing a wide spectrum of data collection ways for users.


- Outstanding computation
>Fast Computing speed
>Support automatic computing
>Support in-report computing, cross-report computing
>Support computing within different users
>Support computing with third party data source

- Data Locking and unlocking
Users can configure the scope, frequency and time point of every report’s locking in advance, the system can lock up or unlock reports automatically according to configuration


- Full scope fuzzy query
Providing powerful fuzzy query for any cells in the database, supporting multiple conditional And and Or operation, with simple and easy process.

- Intelligent task planning
The system provides task planning, allowing users to complete some operations easily, such as
> Automatic SMS reporting reminder
> Automatic locking
> Automatic back up
> Automatic collection
> Automatic computation auditing
> Every task has different display status in different stages (such as execution, to execute, execution accomplished, failed execution etc), with detailed recorded calendar. For those planned tasks not yet reached planned timing, users can terminate tasks manually by simply clicking this task.

- Original automatic report upgrading function
Smart Enterprise Data Collection System provided original automatic report upgrading function, can intelligently accomplish cross report, cross parameter relationship matching, help users complete transfer of report data swiftly. When subordinate division re-log in reporting task, the system will display new reporting format, and automatically complete conversion between previous reporting data format and new reporting format. All the operations are completely automatically by the system, without any need of manual interference for users.
- Fast and simple implementation process
Smart Data Collection system employs WAR zipped folder to load onto web application server. Once the reporting filling requirement is confirmed, can swiftly create reporting templates, define calculation auditing formula and efficiently fulfill data reporting.

- Comprehensive calendar records
Overall comprehensive calendar management system, with detailed calendar records categorization, covering all system operations such as : report publishing and modification, user log on, server maintenance, user management, data reporting records, data checking, data modification etc.

- On-spot notification management and online communication
System provides online communication functionality, to enable users communication within the system. The system also provides notification functionality, to enable users to communicate with timely manner.


- Enriched printing output functionality
>Printing: Printing with what’s seen is what’s got style, supporting printing with template and multi-report printing, supporting extra-large report printing, multi-separated page flexible printing, supporting user self-defined printing style through script extension function.
>Output: supporting multi-format data output, such as html, excel, txt, csv, pdf, word and other formats.

- Powerful system back up capabilities
The server provides powerful data security capabilities – data back up. Data back up can support not only task groups and the overall server’s back up, but also cross-Heterogeneous Database backup and recovery. Meanwhile, automatic back up plan can automatically execute back up operations according to time set by users. 

- Support large user volume, large data volume transimission
The system has fully considered large volume user data reporting scenario. At the server end the system employs multi-threading technology to process data and speed up data transmission, meanwhile control transmission volume according to server capacity and functionality.

-Supporting cluster deployment, provide excellent load balance capabilities
In order to serve large volume users’ simultaneous visiting, DataCVG® Smart Data Collection platform is highly optimized through multi-threading, transaction atomicity, data compression and other technologies, to allow single platform server to reliably support more than 100 thousand users, more than 10 thousand simultaneous users large traffic applications. If employ cluster deployment technology of application servers, we can construct multiple server cluster environment, to support even more users simultaneous usage. 


- Excellent Data Security

DataCVG Enterprise Data Collection Platform system employs advanced data encryption technology and digitalized certificate technology, to ensure multiple layers of data security for clients. Users can select digitalized certificate sub-system within the Data Collection Platform, also has the liberty to select any third party digitalized certificate system. Our platform can simultaneous support digital signature and SSL encryption technology, to guanrantee user data's intactness and security


-High reliability and stability

DataCVG Enterprise Data Collection Platform is built on the advanced J2EE technical platform, using Multi-Tie+ application server structure, reporting data are stored in large database system (supporting MySAL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 etc), to fully ensure high reliability and stability provided by the Data Collection Platform


- Excellent Scalability

DataCVC's Enterprise Data Collection Platform employs XML technology, from reporting template description to reporting data display, therefore the system has high level of scalability and extendibility, with flexibility to exchange data with other systems