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DIMP—Fast Accurate Practical Aligned

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DIMP®(DataCVG® Intelligent Management Platform)is the latest cutting-edge enterprise level Data-Driven Management platform developed in house by DataCVG®. It is based on the upgraded version of SEMF®, with enhanced functionalities built on all-rounded data governance combined with augmented data analytics technology, serving practical, sharp insight and execution-rendering business application functionalities.

The high performance DIMP® on the bottom layer is bolstered by Data Governance Module including Meta Data Management, Master Data Management (MDM),  Data Asset Management with Data Catalogue to enable standardized, uniqueness assured efficient data storage; at the middle level it keeps the original Portal functionality to enable integration of most BI tools including BO, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, MicroStrategy etc, acting as an analytical hub to enable users to cross check various data assets generated with different BI tools  all within one environment with single log on.  On the front end DIMP® provides innovative, practical and intelligent management modules to enable fast and AI enabled business insight, decision making and planning precision all completed with monitored and trackable execution capabilities.

DIMP® is positioned as all-around intelligent business and management application product, differentiated from analytical tool software which aim at providing data analytical capabilities without commitment to results from execution of data analytics.

Therefore, as a business Tycoon, president of a leading automotive company in China once described: DIMP® functions like neuro system of a company, able to sense problems from every nerve ends and make decision from the brain, then put into action by the neuro network.

DIMP®’s uniqueness lies on its innovative concept of seamlessly integrating data technologies with leading management concepts including balanced scorecard, KPI, OKR, PDCA and so forth, enhanced by its management model system extracted from best practice of many global and China’s leading conglomerates DataCVG® has serviced.

In a nutshell, DIMP® uses the most straight forward and user friendly approach to deliver timely business insights, enable accurate decision making from top down and ensure execution of decisions and strategies are in line with overall enterprise target. 

Initiated from Portal, extended to BI application framework, transformed into intelligent data drriven BI management application

SDP Smart Decision Portal  SEMF Smart Enterprise Management Framework  DIMP Digitalized Intelligent Management Platform








Effectively supports corporate level planning and budgeting by integrating financial and business planning seamlessly, enables rolling forecast and provides efficient  actual vs. planning benchmark


Enables KPI management 


Can be deployed both on Cloud or on-premise, incorporating best practice management model for each industry