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DataCVG E-Viz®

DataCVG E-Viz® prides itself on unparellelled features of operational Easiness, highly Efficient screen projection process and Excellent visual experience with large screen, to propel companies into digital era with enriched data culture on large screens. 

E-Viz® enables business people and Non-IT people to fast create visually attractive and highly professional large screen pages with interactive diagrams and charts built with simple click-drag-pull action, with assistance from IT team to quickly build data models to support data exploration activities; it is also capable of putting together and editing all data assets including reports/dashboards/charts created by other BI softwares on same canvas page, to flexibly manouver with page order re-organising, moving around to create a data story line. Through E-Viz mobile APP, Enterprise wechat or DingDing apps, one can easily arrange digital screen page orders, pause or wind back pages, set up playing mode as in PPT on one’s mobile phone or pad, even can switch on and control multiple screens on one single mobile device.

Product Comparison

DataCVG E-Viz
                       Traditional Large Screen creation

1.Zero coding, designed for Non-IT business users

1. Several Months coding by professional programmers highly proficient with BI tools. 

2.Low cost, Non-IT users can construct professional large screen within minutes

2.Hundreds of thousands of RMB man-day cost with coding work, inflexible view that can stuck for months to years

3.Wide choides of built-in professional large screen templates

3.Limited interaction with other software platforms

4.Assisted with Mobile end real-time control and editing

5.Easily changing screen templates with zero cost to give new fresh looks

6.Seamlessly integrated wtih DIMP/DGP platform, unlimited possibilities

Product functionality

implify working process, swift configuration

DataCVG E-Viz’s Model Factory enables IT team to swiftly configure data models according to business team’s analytical requirement, to allow business team to flexibly play around data and dimensions with self-serviced data platform, largely relieves pressures on IT team, and improve data availability and efficiency。


Enriched components, simple click-drag-pull operations

DataCVG E-Viz® ’s built-in module Analytical Canvas is integrateds with rich plug-ins such as E-Charts and screen capture tools, can freely create charts, tables, diagrams, add pictures, internet videos and photos, as well as any reports created by various BI softwares on the same page and file, editing with user-friendly Microsoft office style editing tools , all with zero-coding mode to enable efficient large screen page generation finished with professional and attractive visual effect

Professional Large Screen templates with visually attractive colours

DataCVG E-Viz®’s Analytical Canvas module is equiped with 30 sets of elaborated templates and themes, also allows self-designed templates to be uploaded and personalised templates editing, to fulfill various large screen application scenarios.

All-in-one easy management, free page reorgnisation and bulding

DataCVG E-Viz®’s Digital Large Screen module allows free adding/deleting page contents, re-organisation of pages and contents, inserting reports/charts created by various BI softwares.


 Screen projection and content editing/play mode control all through mobile/pad QR code scan

One mobile device can simultaneously switch on many large screens and flexibly set up play mode, broadcasting mode, pause/play, winding forward or backward, time for each page to display, fly-in effects, page cycling mode etc, as easy as in PowerPoint set up.

User Account Management/ Authorisation

DataCVG E-Viz® provides well-rounded data authorisation control, seamlessly integrated with authrosiation set up defined in DIMP or DGP system for user access to reports and data.



Real time data, content pre-loading


DataCVG E-Viz® can preload contents for readiness to display, to ensure stable broadcasting, also ensures real time data auto-synchronisation.


Screen split and interaction

Single screen can be split into multi-screens, with interactive analysis, also can integrate monitoring video with analytical charts to give well-rounded information views.


Swift and convenient data display with simple mobile device operation

Large screen page content, display mode, broadcasting mode and elapsed time set up can be easily controlled through DataCVG E-Viz®’s APP or Enterprise version Wechat or DingDing entry.

BI software integration, centralised BI reports and data hub

DataCVG E-Viz® inheritates data asset portal feature from DIMP® so it supports all report assets created by various mainstream BI softwares, can quickly access all reports and data assets, so by nature it is a centralised data analytical hub.

Empowers Organisations to

 All-rounded data display on large screen with real time data                             

Stream-lined large screen broadcasting exprience

Integrated with all IT systems data into a single centralised data hub, with real time synchronisation, display data with well-rounded business view angles, to ensure accurate and fast decision making.

Efficiently manage all large screen files and contents, editing/adding/deleting reports, charts, video and pictures or re-organise pages, preload pages, flexibly set up broadcasting mode, etc, all through mobile end simple control.

 Self-serviced professional large screen creation within minutes enabled with interactive content elements 

 Foster digital management corporate culture

Self-serviced professional large screen creation with zero coding requirement, screen split, multi-screen interaction and control and many other features, to fulfill businss meeting and large screen display needs by business people while relieving pressure on IT teams.

DataCVG E-Viz® is well designed to perfectly meet corporate performance display, real-time data enabled digital management meeting, monitoring screen and many other large screen application scenarios, to foster a positive corporate cultured built on real time precise data input.




Digital board

Analysis screen

Operation monitoring screen