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DataCVG® Data Governance Platform is an all-dimensional, smart data governance platform designed with a focus on the corporate demand of multi-level data management applicable in multiple industries. Incorporating state-of-the-art data governance ideas into data asset management, the platform positions on multi-dimensional, and  cross-department and full process data governance capability. Data standards, master data, metadata, data quality, data rule models and other data assets can be easily built into the platform through rapid deployment. Enterprises can be benefited greatly from the platform by having a full management of its data assets, improving data quality, all kinds of data connection, increasing data acquisition efficiency, protecting data safety and continuously releasing and exploring data mining value.


Build a full life cycle data management system for better data management, to meet business requirements and support decision-making.

Build up a leading data governance product by combining with the DataCVG®  intelligence and  best practices advantage.

DataCVG® Data Governance definition & Goals


DataCVG® Data Governance definition

DataCVG® Data Governance Goals


Provide data governance consulting and technology services to enterprises and organizations.

    1.Customized data architecture planning on a short-, medium- or long-term basis
    2.Cultivating a sustainable enterprise data management culture

    3.Data management and operation as an asset to constantly increase data mining value


Supporting the enterprise to achieve its strategic target

1.Build an all-round data management and control system
2.Meet data standardization and normalization requirements
3.Facilitate data openness, integration and sharing
4.Improve efficiency and cost reduction of asset operation



Data standard management

Putting in place a unified set of data standards to eliminate problems derived from non-compatible systems.

Master data management

Optimize the management and company’s prime data adoption by regulating master data acquisition, management, and application

Metadata management

Automatically collect metadata to generate data impact analysis, data pedigree and full-link data analysis, laying a solid foundation for data management

Data quality management

Collect clean and well-structured data and increase the percentage of data value

Data requirements management

Support the full cycle of management from demand request and approve to rejection, requirement management regulation and ensure the data governance.

Data rule model management

The reflection of the data relevance between different business unit and a recognized functional data rule model management is key to deliver successful data asset management.

Data security management

Protect data assets security by sensing hazards, preventing leaks, managing permissions, and data disaster backup provisioning.

Process configuration management

Visualize process configuration and enable flexible process elements configuration to standardize and normalize data management

System Architecture


DataCVG® Data Governance Platform – a force of empowerment

Develop a full control of data flow

Take a comprehensive inventory of data assets before visualizing them to create a real-time view for managers


 Increase the value of data assets 

Transform data costs to high-quality data assets by quality monitoring, auditing, and tracing throughout the data lifecycle 

Accelerate data inter-connection and communication

Clarify all kinds of system relationship, eliminate data silos and improve the efficiency of data flow

 Increase operation efficiency and decrease cost  

Improve data analysis and application efficiency and cost reduction of IT construction and operation costs with the help of high-quality data

Enhance risk control capability

Lower data risks by deploying strict data access permissions and security control system

Drive management innovation

Improve business management capabilities by optimizing business processes and resource allocation


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