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SEMF V5.8 (Smart Enterprise Management Framework) is the inhouse developed BI application portal platform product by DataCVG Co., Ltd, it prides itself as the first integrated BI data platform that can seamlessly integrate all mainstream BI tools with single log in, can provide cutting edge core functionalities such as PDCA sealed management loop, Regression based Dynamic Simulation of Reversed Causality Analysis for intelligent forecasting, budgeting and decision making and many other big data enabled functionalities. Therefore SEMF empowers management at all levels  from intelligent decision making, forecasting and budgeting to precise execution of plans and strategic decisions, to provide everybody in an organisation with Micro-Decision making capabilities as well as real time operational insight and excecutional precision. 
SEMF has built-in fundamental modules to make organizations work intelligently, including manager’s windows, control panel, action plans etc, these modules have taken into account the latest development of management strategies and behavioral technology, to enable the users use data happily, find problems easily, and resolve problems timely. SEMF provides many optional modules to support government and enterprises management innovation, to enable organizational transition to digital organization, and to help its clients to fulfill “Systemize Decision making process, Standardize Management system, Construct platform for organisations”.

SEMF is a highly flexible universal system, based on its built-in adjuStable industry knowledge database module, it can be precisely fine-tuned into highly matching application system for certain industries. Furthermore thanks to its openness as a platform, it can evolve according to industry's development, to adapt itself to meet the fast evolving business requirement of various industries. It can be used for government organizations, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises in all industries, including Retail, Health care, Financial industry, Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace and transportation, Chemical and energy industry and other industries. It can fully satisfy all the service requirements of various levels in an organization, no matter top management, middle management or business level, all users can quickly and easily obtain the required information, data analysis results and management decisions in detail.

The most important thing is, SEMF is not only a software platform, but it also has a complete support system behind, from R&D, client system customization, from turn-key solution to project implementation and technical support. To enable clients to fulfill their overall corporate planning with practical solutions, to construct a highly adaptable data service system that best suits the reality of an enterprise, and can continuously evolve and expand according to the needs.





Operational Monitoring

The Operational monitoring capability of SEMF can enable practical management solutions by leading its users to follow the pattern of “discover problems, locate problems, analyze problems and resolve problems”



Stand-alone Analysis

Drawing pane function – Help you construct personalized business analytical thinking
Industry Module – Help you swiftly build up models by using our classical industry analytical models



Regular Reports 

SEMF can render integrated main stream reporting, including BO, Tableau, BIEE, Qlikview, MSTR, Java or HTML5, to empower the management team with real-time automatic updating system to replace the old fashioned regular repetitive manual updating work, hence largely reduce labor intensity and increase productivity and efficiency .



Know-how Sharing

No matter discovering business problems through “operational monitoring” function, or materialize the data value through “stand alone analysis”, and the important information displayed by “regular reporting “ can all be shared from the “know-how sharing” system, to further leverage the value of the information obtained. Meanwhile can improve the information circulation within the organization, to reduce the data discrepancy and therefore improve office efficiency.



Function Extension

SEMF opens certain parts of the standard connections according to our clients’ requirement. This means IT department can integrate the SEMF’s functionality into their existing platform or to add self defined new functionalities into the SEMF framework
Meanwhile, SEMF has excellent compatibility and extendibility, can support not only local web application but also mobile app. Mobile end has App and HTML5 which can be plugged into user system and can also be used stand alone, with no need to be set up second time, hence SEMF can be accessedacross platforms.