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DataCVG Smart mobile BI

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DataCVG® Smart Mobile BI is a Business Intelligence product based on mobile devices, through data displayed on Smart Mobile BI one can monitor real time enterprises’ operational status, enabling on the spot analytics and decision making. Smart Mobile BI allows business management receive important alert in time, and quickly share with other relevant team to respond with swift actions. This product truly enables mobile decision making and high efficiency management in this internet era.

Original application service designed for mobile device platform –

to enable streamlined operation, supporting offline data reporting


Integrate with mature industry specific management process

                                     higher efficiency in development and more reliable management


Allowing cross level data extraction and interaction with no limitations -

supporting over 120 graphics with predictive analytics



Eliminating coding-

interface designed with graphic based reporting to give visualized results

 Multi-level security guarantee for enterprises



Automatic report updating, data refreshing-

   no need for end user to upgrade app

Implement management process into actions, to form managerial circle 

  support online comments and sharing

Can satisfy vast amount data analysis, to perform online real time analysis and data informed decision making