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DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform

DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform is DataCVG® a powerful information display portal system to construct company’s business intelligence platform, it’s developed based on researching world-wide BI industry specialists leading edge development results and combined many BI leading companies’ BI platform’s best of breed functions.
Business Intelligence Portal optimize client companies’ management level through centralized information and democratic information sharing, to enable the vision of “Making Management visible, Allowing Decision making smarter”. DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform enables straightforward enterprise information collection and display, allowing the right person to access the right information at the right time with right tools, realized through flexible and effective privacy setting and diversified information delivery method.
DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform’s agile and flexible interface design, allows managers to take part in the precise construction of Business Intelligence platform with “what’s seen is what’s happening”style. 




  Elegant Information Display

- DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform is designed with binder display style, allowing users to see multiple reporting display switching within one single window display, and furthermore to keep record of operational scenes

- Designed with web 2.0, allowing users to customize their own page display, to display the most desired report in the main home page, to fit for large screen display or touch screen.


Management Tool Developed with Wisdom


Empowered and Strict Authority Management

-Supporting multi-ID authentication, including LDAP, Windows AD, and support SSO single point log on
- Empowered authority management, can support multi-language setting and satisfy highly complicated authority management requirement with configurations of organization, users, roles and responsibilities


   Multi-language Support

      Multi-language support can be realized by configuring the

      language package.




Task Allocation Platform with Comprehensive Functions

The Smart Decision Platform can regularly control real case reporting generation and publication on the BOE, together with nominated database storage process and Java plug in etc. It can also monitor every task’s operational and completion status through task monitoring function.



Intimate Integration with SAP BusinessObjects

Smart Decision Platform can open Webi reports, Crystal Reports, Crystal XCelsius Reports developed on BOE Platform from configuration, integrating these three tools with switching and interaction easiness and smoothness, intimately integrated with BOE, can automatically synchronize with users, groups, private and personal folder users, reporting receivers and other data. Any new user accounts created on the Smart Decision Platform will automatically create on BOE, similarly deleting and modifying user information can also be synchronized with BOE.  BOE user groups can be synchronized to the platform and create corresponding relationship, fully leverage the excellent data authority management capability and file management of Inforview at development stage, meanwhile extend the authority management functionality, allowing generating and editing a new report on the Smart Decision platform.
Monitoring and diagnostic of BOE platform, including: monitoring of the physical server hosting BOE applications, such as CUP usage situation, monitoring of every BOE server’s operational status, such as ConnectionServer, DashobardServer etc, and generate reports; Monitoring of real cases of BOE and DI, such as report generation case, publishing case, operational status of DI execution case, to generate analytical reports. When abnormality occurred the system can be set with SMS or email alert according to the serious level.



Synchronized Display on The Mobile End

DataCVG® Smart Decision Platform has matching mobile app end, to display Dashboard reports synchronized from PC end to mobile end, synchronize data authority level and report authority level, to maintain consistent visualization style as PC web end, supporting iOS, Android mobile end and iOs pad end, providing multi-device data viewing possibilities for top management and business team, as well as providing commenting, voice recording functionalities, to ensure relevant responsible persons can be timely notified with problems through wechat and email forwarding and commenting.



Supporting External Data Plug-in

DataCVG®’s Smart Decision Platform can support not only business system data input from ETL source, but also support external data and scattered data to plug in. This allows data comprehensiveness for decision making through the platform, with no limitation by current business system level for further construction of the platform.