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DataCVG® Web Intelligence Platform

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DataCVG® Web Intelligence Platform

DataCVG® Web Intelligence Platform is an intelligent platform developed throughout many practical projects implementation with in-depth data collection know-how with leading web crawling technology.

DataCVG® provides users with latest updated information through radar scanning of nominated websites; Through overall monitoring of internet it provides the most comprehensive and relevant information for users. It can monitor news, forums, blogs and microblogs and many various types of websites with newest published information, precisely extract content with automatic filtering of repeat content, it can identify and record information source and publishing time automatically, therefore converting non structured data from internet to applicable structured data; highly efficient in data extraction with security and easiness. 



High efficiency, real time data collection
a. Specialized in high frequency scanning of nominated websites, fast updating of information
b. Based on incremental information extraction methodology, to ensure no repetition of collected data


Precise Data collection capability
a. Automatically identify information publishing time, information source etc, and categorize and rank the data based on these indicators
b. Precisely extract title, content, publishing time, information source and other indicators of published web content, filter out repeat content, and automatically merge web pages into integrated content.

High integration capability
a. With additional automatic identified web page coding functionality, it ensures web page information collected are precise and fluent
b. Supporting simplified and traditional Chinese websites, can automatically convert coding format and standardize saved content, to enable multi-platform display.


  Stable and secured
This product has been perfected through multiple projects application and multiple upgrading, data collection programming stability is maintained with fast data collection speed and limited resource to run
  Simple operation
Operational easiness, self defined option configuration operation, no need of professional IT team, can easily master the operation with simple training without HTML language knowledge
Supporting data collection process
Can simulate human operational mindset, can log on, input data, click on links and buttons, and can choose corresponding data collection process according to various scenarios

Supporting picture and text identification
Set with embedded extendible OCR plug, can support and analyze text embedded in pictures, and extract text from pictures

Support set-time automatic data collection
Automatically run data collection tasks, can automatically collect data based on configured period