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Performance Management

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Performance Management Solution

DataCVG® provides well-rounded Performance Managementsystem built upon BI dashboard, reporting system and analytics application programs to provide KPI and target management functionalities  . Users can set targets, follow process, monitor trends and feedback to management, all can be done through a user-friendly interface of our system. All operations can be traced back to the strategic target to make sure all actions are aligned with corporate or operational strategies.


DataCVG's performance management system and some characteristics

We provided fundamental framework of performance management built with key indicators for modeling which forms a basic performance control module within DataCVG's project solutions. At actual practical level, users can modify, add in or delete relevant performance indicators according to management requirement.



1. Management performance

Only measurable assessment can be managed and controlled. Users can evaluate team members performances through Balanced Score Card (BSC), KPI analysis and theme analysis, to help ensure success rate by helping the evaluators to fast understand the areas need special attention

2. Target setting, to align executions with strategic directions

Performance system is one step further than Balanced Score Card (BSC). It provided a user-friendly interface, in order to set and modify objectives, set restrictions, to allocate target ownership. Therefore, operational parties execution can be aligned with the

3. Trace performance using Balanced Score Card (BSC) and KPI system

Management dashboard provided a straightforward method to fast track performance by Balanced Score Card and KPI system along with traffic light mode alerting system and trend arrows. The user-friendly interface can categorize objectives according to category, owners, trend or status, to fast read current status. On-line discussion forum can help users to swiftly make intelligent decision, combining managerial intuition with reliable data seamlessly.

4. To obtain ultimate business insight through integrated reporting system and analytics

Performance system can locate root cause of problems within performance evaluation system. Users can check out balanced score card (BSC) within dashboard, trace target completion percentage and performance improvement trend. By clicking specific target indicator, users can instantly be provided with a detailed visual graph, displaying trend and specific performance data spot. Users can carry out further analysis by being provided with logical integrated analytical application programs and reports.

5. Trusted actions

To achieve objectives it's imperative to use accurate and timely information in order to make correct decisions. Performance management system can help you control what's happening, and take trusted actions

6. Allocate action plan to relevant parties according to work process

Performance management system can help you allocate new action plan and executors. Executors can be individuals or team, every executor can choose all parameters according to objectives and relevant grouping. Users can raise suggestions, analyze detailed reports, provide more detailed information; We an also arrange key shareholders with meetings, or to deploy other customized action plans.

7. Take suggested actions, to improve enterprise performances

 Performance Management system can shorten execution time. When certain objective or plan is not accomplished, alerting system will remind users to take due actions according to defined work procedures. In order to understand root cause, users don't have to carry out customized analysis. Performance Management System provided a series of suggesting and pre-defined procedures for analysis. Hence users can be directed with suitable information to make correct decisions fast and confidently. The most important thing is the system is able to suggest different action plans according to status of targets, therefore providing guidance based on severity of problems. Work process function can suggest relevant action plans to users to help achieve targets